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Tennis Exposure CAMPS


designed for competitive players grades 8-12

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University of California, Santa Barbara

January 2 - 4, 2019 

1, 2 and 3 Day Camp Options

Spots Available



not your ordinary camp

Designed for competitive players grades 8-12 that want to play college tennis

Taught exclusively by college coaches

train with top
college Coaches

Personalized instruction and attention from the best coaches in the country!

Coaches run real college style practices just like they do with their teams.

Sample various coaching styles and get to know the coaches on a personal level.

The college coaching staff is dedicated to help players make an easy transition from junior tennis into college tennis.

learn How to succeed as a student athlete

In class educational and motivational seminars about life as a student athlete and the responsibilities that come with it. 

Acquire time management skills to successfully balance sport, academics and social activities.

Understand the recruiting process and the steps you need to take to earn a spot on a college tennis team.

mold your game for college tennis

Players will improve their tennis skills and learn singles and doubles strategies specific to college tennis. 

Coaches conduct real "collegiate style" practices and match play with the same intensity as the collegiate players on their teams.


Coaches from all divisions and levels of the game are represented.


Camper & Parent Reviews

My son had a wonderful time; the tennis, interaction with coaches, the tour of campus and yes even the food was great.

Parent of Camper

Hello Coach Geatz,


I was at the Collegiate Exposure Camp last weekend, June 15th to 17th.


I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your session on improving your UTR. My current UTR is 9 and I am a freshman and planning to follow your tips and increase my UTR to 10/11 by Sophomore year.  I agree with you that with all the information about UTR's and other ratings we end up focusing on things which are irrelevant and not just our tennis. 


I was struggling with timing on my serve but a small tip by Coach Eric to one of the kids on slowing down the toss motion on the serve caught my eye and is doing wonders. I just observed that and tried that and have seen great improvement in my timing and beat a UTR 10 player day before yesterday in my club. It mostly had to do with not rushing my toss motion, it was a slow and quick adjustment instead of the serve being quick and quick. 


Thank You and hopefully I will get to meet all the coaches again next year.


Dear Coach Geatz, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coaching me and all the hard work and effort in teaching me the tremendous techniques. I have to say you are a very special coach and your teaching style is very unique and tough. Along with the inspirational speeches of knowledge, especially the one on Lucifer the police dog. It's been a pleasure to meet you and being able to come to UPenn. It has always been a dream of mine. I will improve my tennis technique as you instructed, my mental game, and alongside my academics. I unquestionably will come back next year to meet you and play at the camp. It would be an honor for me to play for you in the future.


Thank you very much and I'll see you next year!


I attended your tennis exposure camp at the University of Pennsylvania last week. I would like to thank you for such an awesome experience! You put together such a good camp! I got so much exposure to players of all ages and from coaches everywhere! I definitely walked out of your camp a much better player and look forward to attending again next year or another camp that you hold.  


Thank you very much for including Abbi in the camp this weekend.  It really seems to have lit a fire in her.  4 weeks ago we were not sure she was gonna play anymore and now she is sitting next to me telling me she is going to academy in the morning! Old Abbi may have taken the day off.  This one is not!


I was one of the Swedish guys on you exposure camp and I have to say that it was awesome! Loved the training, meeting all the coaches and learning more about college in general, thank you so much!!


I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had this past weekend, and I also wanted to thank you for making it possible and taking the time to pull it off.  It was a motivating experience, as it was my first exposure camp, so now I know what skills I need to target and perfect within the next three years. Once again, it was great meeting all the coaches and I hope to attend more of your events in the future! Thank you!  


"I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great event. It was an excellent opportunity. I enjoyed myself very much and had 3 very rigorous days of training. All the coaches were incredibly helpful and this was a very easy way to network. Once again thank you for everything.


I just wanted to thank you for hosting an amazing and educational camp! You athletic facilities and school facilities were amazing!


I will like to thanks all the staff and coaches of this event.  My son Lucca had the best experience. He enjoyed every minute of it. He had the opportunity to visit the beautiful facilities and to get to know coaches from different university. Thanks and regards from Puerto Rico!


The camp helped me a lot with my college search. After going to the camp numerous coaches were interested me and I even received scholarship offers, but the most important thing I learned was how to communicate with coaches. Before the camp I wasn't really sure as to what coaches wanted to hear from you but after attending the camp and talking to many coaches 1-on-1, I learned what they look for, this gave me the ability and confidence to go and talk to any coach. I am now committed to play at Concordia College in New York, which is ranked #4 in Division 2. The exposure camp is easily the best way to network yourself and get yourself into college tennis.


Thanks so much for having Jacob at the camp. Once again, he enjoyed it immensely and found it to be a great help. He is going to train very hard and work on getting his UTR up. He went straight to ITF Cuba and reached the quarters in singles and doubles. He played very well, but will have to keep training and competing well to try and get into UPENN, his dream university!

Parent of camper

Thanks so much for having me at the exposure camp at Upenn. I had a great time there and had a taste of what training at college was like. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it to future Hong Kong players looking to come to the states.


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College Coach Reviews

Collegiate Exposure Camps have developed a unique program that allows the coaches a tremendous opportunity to train with players and help them prepare for college tennis. In addition, the camp allows coaches to evaluate the top talent from around the world in a relaxed and fun environment! I would highly recommend the camp to any player who plans to play college tennis. The experience and networking is awesome! 

Coach David Geatz

University of Pennsylvania

I was extremely impressed with the Upenn campus and facilities. It is a 1st class venue for a college tennis camp. As for the camp itself, I was very energized with the level of players; there were recruitable players for each division of college tennis. I also love the overall culture of the campers and coaches. The atmosphere was fun, great instruction and the kids loved it! 

Coach Ben Lamanna

Brandeis University

The networking and the amount of information the Collegiate Exposure Camps provide to the prospects is powerful and can help every player no matter what level they are, players will find a school that fits them!

Coach Mehdi Rhazali

Drexel University

Collegiate Exposure Camps are unlike any other camps out there, because you get to learn the coaches style and meet coaches from Division I, II, III and NAIA School from all over the country. It is an outstanding way to get looked at by schools from all divisions and the coaches care and will help direct you to school that would be a great fit for your child. I have learned that it takes hard work, dedication and persistence to be recruited and play college tennis for the right fit school. The camps are a great way for your child to no longer be a person behind a computer screen for coaches to look at but instead provide a great opportunity to show if you are coachable, as well as  your personality and skills on the tennis court. 

Coach Matt Brisotti

Hamilton College

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Tennis camp Alumni

Our players have gone on to play college tennis at the NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA and NJCAA levels. The camps have proven to be a great opportunity to secure a spot on a college team and earn scholarships to play at the next level! 



University of Rhode Island

Princeton University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

University of Pennsylvania

University of Denver

University of Miami

Brandeis University

Drew University

Cornell University

Winthrop University

Lehigh University

Marquette University

University of Tennessee

Florida Atlantic University

Rollins College

Yale University

Univeristy of North Florida

University of Nebraska

Chicago State University

Samford University

James Madison University

Navy Academy

Kenyon College

University of Central Florida

Florida Atlantic University

Georgia Tech University

Bringham Young University

Carson Newman University

Savannah College of Art & Design

Hofstra University

Stetson University

Southern Methodist University

Johns Hopkins University

Missouri Valley College

Kennesaw State University

University of Texas - Pan American

Duquesne University

University of Florida

Flagler College

Quinnipiac University

University of Delaware

ollege of William & Mary

University of Nebraska

Norfolk State University

and many more!

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Who attends?

Players that have the dream of playing college tennis! The camp is for boys and girls entering grades 8-12. We have Five-Star through One-Star players in attendance, players ranked in the top 50 nationally and players who are good high school players. Players fly in from all over the country and world to attend this camp.


Why Exposure camps?

You will be exposed to the college training system. The college coaching staff will train you just like they train college players on their teams. The focus of the camp, like college tennis, is on how to play the game. So, every session and drill has a tactical framework and every shot will have a purpose.  We also conduct college tennis and recruiting presentations where you will learn a lot about the process. For example: How much better do you actually have to get? How do small improvements can make significant differences? Exactly what do college coaches look for in a prospect? What is the single most important factor in determining your future success both in life on the tennis court and in the classroom? How does mathematics makes you a better tennis player? 


Who will be on court with the campers?

The dedicated staff of current college coaches. You will be on court with all the coaches and you will see a lot of them and you will get to know one another. In addition, you will work with each of the coaches and sample various coaching styles.


Do other college coaches attend?

Yes. The camp is staffed exclusively by college coaches. The goal is to provide each player with as much college exposure as possible. Our staff of coaches have a wealth of experience and we have a good sense of where a player fits academically and athletically. Therefore, we hand select the best coaches from all divisions and levels of the game, so every player can be recruited. In addition, we invite coaches from across the country to visit the camp and we have various coaches stopping by to recruit and observe the players. Remember that every coach knows another 50 coaches really well, so you are actually getting to build a a network of 100’s of coaches! Most importantly our staff at collegiate exposure camps puts all the player profiles online for every college coach in the country to view. The amount of exposure you get is invaluable!


How is the coaching staff selected?

We invite the best college coaches to work our camp. The selection process is based on acquiring coaches from various locations, divisions and levels of the college tennis game. Therefore, ensuring that each player attending will find where they fit and have coaches actively interested in their abilities and able to recruit them for their teams. 


What if I have a tournament coming up?

The camp is excellent preparation for a local, sectional, national, ITF tournament as well as showcases. You’ll be well prepared having played competitively during the camp but also having trained in a live-ball, disciplined, and structured environment.


Are campers recruited to play college tennis?  

Yes, that is the ultimate goal for many of the campers.  There will be coaches attending from almost every level of college tennis who are also looking to recruit players.  However, the opportunity to begin exploring and thinking about the college process and college tennis is invaluable for older and younger players alike. The recruiting process starts as early as 9th grade. The camp will definitely offer a purpose and give meaning for the players as they move through their junior tennis career. The camp is a great tool for coaches to get to know your personality, see how you interact with peers, and how you train and compete. Review our sample list of tennis camp alumni and see what colleges they have committed to. 


How many players can participate?

Each camp is designed to hold a maximum of 5 players per court. We keep a limited number to give each player lots of time on court and with the coaches. Each year the camps sell out very quickly. Since it is based on NCAA rules of first come first serve basis, we recommend you register ASAP to secure your spot.


Is the camp worth my time?

This camp is going to be one of the best (if not the best) experiences of your summer! The coaching staff is highly energetic and skilled. They will make sure you work hard, but also create a motivating atmosphere that will empower players to develop and take their game to the next level. As a result, you will be better prepared for college tennis. Read our testimonials to read what some of the past players, parents and college coaches have said about our camp experience.  

My friend is attending camp, can we be roommates?

You may request a roommate when you complete the travel/housing form for your camp in the post camp forms. We will do our best to accommodate your request. 

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