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College recruiting is a process that keeps starting earlier and earlier. The early process first started with sports such as football and basketball with 13 year old kids saying they are going to a big brand name school. This started a trend where we are now asking kids to make possibly the most adult decision of there lives at such a young age, and sometimes the kid chooses to go to a school that just sounds cool to there peers.

The right fit school may not be just one school . Everyone has their dream school or dream team to play on, but how do they envision themselves in that environment? I am sure not many recruits picture themselves on there dream team and being the #11 player on that roster and not playing in the big moments which matter most for the team. Even worse, it's a common trend that many players will get accepted into there dream school but not be able to play the sport they love.

During the recruiting process, the emphasis should not only be on the recruit and there goals and true value but also a family member (Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents) who can connect and ask the deeper questions and find the WHY in the college search process.

Everyone has different WHY’s. It could be they want to play for a top 20 program, or a coach who they believe in who is rebuilding a program back to winnings ways. Sometimes the WHY is the student enjoyed what they heard about a particular academic program and how that can enrich there college experience and tennis is apart of that school being a good fit.

At the end of the day, making the college decision comes down to blocking out distractions and focusing on what is most important and how the college or university answers your WHY.

Coach Matt Brisotti

Drew University

Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach

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