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Built to work with your schedule! 


For boys & girls entering grades 8 - 12


Tuition: $249

About thE "mASTER CLASS"



Our in person camps have received continued rave reviews. With the current challenging conditions, we are bringing you that same level of service in our first ever "Master Class". Our "Master Class" includes a combination on court drills, "whiteboard" sessions, and inside information from top college coaches throughout the country. You can also view pre-recorded question and answer sessions, where top college coaches provide the information you need as you move through the recruiting process!

In our "Master Class" we do our best to replicate our in person camps, with a goal of continue your development as a player while immersing you in and exposing you to a competitive college tennis environment. While technique will be evaluated and addressed, the aim of the camp is to focus on how to play and how best to prepare for college tennis. 


Our "Master Class" includes:

Tennis and Academic Profile Shared with Over 800 Coaches--You’ve worked hard, and we want to help you get the word out about your talents and accomplishments. By sharing your profile with over 800 coaches, we will increase your visibility among college coaches.


Recorded Question and Answer Sessions with Top Coaches! --Learn from the Best!!

Each Q&A session will have a different group of coaches including:

David Geatz- UPenn

Lori Shulman--Trinity College

Pauri Pandian- Brandeis University

Jason Cohen- Cal Tech 

Nick Zieziula- Binghamton University

Matt Brisotti- Hamilton College

Jerome Simon- Mercyhurst University

Torr Terranova- Wilkes University

Ryan Carney- Missouri Valley College

And many more...


"College Style" Drills--Coaches will share some of their favorite drills and practice techniques. You will have inside access to the drills that help build winning programs, better preparing you to contribute at the college level. Look forward to: 

"Closing Time" Jason Cohen Cal Tech

"Dominate the Net" Nick Zieziula Binghamton University

“Serving Under Pressure” Ryan Carney Missouri Valley College

“Strength and Conditioning for College Tennis” Scott Veith Drew University

And many more...


"College Style" White Board Sessions--Coaches will share the “white board” speeches they share with their teams in order to help them understand key concepts of succeeding in college level tennis. Speakers include:

With David Geatz UPenn

With Paul Gastonguay Bates College

With Mike Fried Wesleyan University

With Mike Morgan Pomona Pitzer 

With Andrew Carlson Kenyon College

With Matt Brisotti Hamilton University


And many more...


Coach "Hot Topics" Presentations--Coaches will make presentations on the “hot topics” of college tennis, and recruiting. Educate yourself on some of the most important topics as you move forward in the recruiting process. Topics include:


“The Ivy League Recruiting Process” David Geatz UPenn

“Create a Winning College Tennis Video” Jason Cohen Cal Tech

"DIII Recruiting Process" with Pauri Pandian Brandeis University

"Finding a Coaching Fit" Torr Terranova Wilkes University

And many more...

Topics covered and coaches participating will continue to be updated. We list coaches participating and topics covered with the greatest amount of accuracy possible. However, coach participation is subject to change.  

Meet the Coaches

Learn from the best! Instruction, training and guidance exclusively taught by college coaches

The following coaches will be your coaching staff for the virtual camp.

MORe coach announcements to come soon!


in addition, we have a complete database of every college coach.

all 800+ college coaches will receive your player profile.

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